The Basic Environment for the Discus Fish

When it comes to tropical fishes, many aquarists would insist that the discus fish reigns supreme. Many fresh water aquariums today wouldnít really be complete if the vibrant and soothing discus fish is not in it. Before, because of its limited supply, only a selected few would be able to get their hands on a discus fish, let alone a handful of them, luckily today, many are now able to get their hands on them, and if youíre one of those lucky persons, then you should know how to provide them a good environment so that they can leave healthy and stress free.

Unlike other normal household pets, fishes are much more fragile. The discus fish is geared more as a tool for visual enjoyment rather than being cuddly and playful, like a dog or cat. Aside from that, they need more looking after, providing them with an adequate environment where they can breed and live healthy. This is not to dissuade you; fish owners know how rewarding an aquarium can be. To many, this relieves stress effectively. So if you plan on getting some discus fish or have already purchased some, here are some tips on how to keep the environment suitable for the discus fish.

Firstly though, donít be dissuaded when people say that discus fish keeping is difficult, frankly speaking it can be, but only to those who do not exert the effort to learn. But, in time, with proper research you will discover that discus fish keeping is very rewarding and easy. So here we go.

You need to have an adequately sized tank. Discus fishes can grow big, as compared to other fishes when they reach their adulthood. Normally, they can grow to about six or seven inches. Make sure that they have adequate space for each discus especially when they are breeding. If in a cramped space, this can lead to fighting and injuries.

You may add some ornaments in your tank. Although they can survive without them, ornaments wont only make your aquarium look good, but they can also provide shelter for them for their protection and for their spawning. Also, some plants can help clean the tank.

Secondly, and to some most importantly, your aquarium water should be strictly kept at a certain level, both in temperature and in pH level. You should also always keep your tank clean and soft, keep away heavy metals and invest in a good filtration system or purifying unit. Keep the water slow moving and with temperatures between 82 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

When adding other fish to your tank, make sure that your discus fish is the largest in the tank. Because they can be somewhat protective of their area, bigger fishes can injure them or worse kill them. Fishes that can live together with the discus fish are plecs and small tetras.

Keep this tips in mind and you will find that maintaining a discus fish, and even breeding them will not be difficult for you.


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